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Hotels in coimbatore near trichy road


Coimbatore serves as the connecting city to Ooty and Kerala for tourists and visitors. Also, it serves as the Junction City to head towards Bangalore, Chennai and many other places. Coimbatore is connected to various parts of  India trough railways, national highways and also airways. Six major national highways connect Coimbatore towards various parts of south India. One of them is NH81, commonly known as Trichy road, heads towards Karur, Trichy, Thanjavur and Nagapattinam, and vice versa. Both ends of the Trichy road are Coimbatore and Chidambaram.

Those who come to Coimbatore via Trichy road for short term, always search for hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road. Coimbatore Railway Station is near to Trichy road too. The railways’ commuters search for hotels near trichy road coimbatore too.

Now, there are a lot of options available for Hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road. You can find hotels rating from 1 star to 5 stars in Coimbatore near Trichy road. Service apartments are also in high need for short and long term stay in Coimbatore. Many business persons prefer service apartments as a stay instead of hotels in trichy road coimbatore.

hotels in coimbatore near trichy road

But many a time people search for low budget stays for very short term stay. Sometimes they prefer hotels in trichy road without any star rating for very short terms stay.

Coimbatore is a city that never lacks in hotel services as this city serves as Junction towards many places. Travelers can find a hotel of their choice at most of the part of Coimbatore. Obviously, the number of hotels is significantly high near the railway station, major bus stands, airport, and national highways.

Obviously, people search for hotels at a place that is convenient for them.

For a sophisticated stay, people nowadays are looking for service apartments rather than hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road. Service apartments are different than hotel rooms but you can get services like any hotel too in service apartments.

Service apartments provide a variety of rooms and suites with all types of comforts and luxuries. Most of the time, it comes with a fully equipped kitchen for personal use. Room service is also available in service apartments.

Most of the time companies prefer service apartments to host professionals who are at Coimbatore for national or international assignments. Service apartments provide sheer privacy that hotels cannot provide.

Although service apartments can provide a lot of convenience over hotel rooms, people prefer hotel rooms for very short term stay. For a short term or long term, whatever it is, any lodging or hotels near trichy road should give the feeling of home to the guests for utter comfort.

Crystal Lake is committed to providing the optimum comfort and best services for its guests. We provide all comforts and services in our serviced apartments that anybody will prefer over hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road. We are located very near to Singanallur bus stand and within 15 Km of all major points of Coimbatore such as Railway Station, Airport and other major bus stands.

Why choose us over hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road?

Our service apartments are located at Singanallur beside Singanallur Lake which is very near to Trichy Road. You can get a mesmerizing view of the lake if you opt for our Lake View rooms and suites. This is an added flavor of nature to all other comforts and luxuries that are already included in our services. You will not get this in other hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road.

We provide all types of rooms such as one, double and triple bedroom suites and apartments. Single rooms are also available with one, double and triple bed facilities.

We are keenly aware of the security. Our premises are secured 24/7 through CCTV surveillance. Also, we have efficient security personnel who are always there for any emergency help.

Other services include free wifi, party hall and room service.

You will not get such service in other hotels near trichy road coimbatore.

However, if you are opting for low budget lodging, then it is convenient to choose a lodging from our hotels near Trichy Road.

As already stated there are plenty of hotels in trichy road Coimbatore ranging from a low to high cost. So is not a very difficult task to find hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road.

We wish every guest in Coimbatore gets the best of hotels. We also wish to provide all assistance to help them find hotels near Trichy road Coimbatore. We promise to provide the best service in every way if you choose Crystal Lake over other hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road.

We wish you a comfortable and pleasant stay in Coimbatore for the days and nights you are staying in Coimbatore.

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