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If your idea of “perfect vacation” lies in getting immense comfort and luxury, then it’s time to go beyond what ordinary hotel and jump into the Crystal Lake hotel in Coimbatore and make our normal stay extraordinary.

Crystal Lake stays not only provides you luxury but also let you submerge in the Local Culture and flavour of Coimbatore.

Check out those avant-garde ingredients for a new style of entertainment, which distinguish the Crystal Lake stay experience from the typical hotel in Coimbatore.

Crystal Lake Stay is one of the leading Hotels in Coimbatore. Whether you are visiting Coimbatore for work or pleasure, we offer you the best hotels to make you stay comfortable. With fully furnished bedrooms and suits, we provide you a wide array of accommodation options at a very affordable price. Choosing our hotels in Coimbatore near Singanallur can provide you exceptional hospitality and close to home comfort.

Each of our rooms is specially designed with various features like sound insulation and blacked out certain to provide you a comfortable sleep. Accessibility to Railway station, airport, bus terminus, and others becomes easier with Crystal Lake stay. The reason is that Hotels in Coimbatore is situated exactly at the center of the city.

Crystal Lake hotels in Coimbatore near Singanallur emphasize on providing comfort and exceptional hospital while maintaining our traits and individuality. Our hotel in Coimbatore makes your stay awesome with our 24 x7 water, current facility, wifi-enabled rooms, hands-on services, best hospitality, and others.

Facilities We Offer in Our Hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy Road, Singanallur

Crystal Lake Stays hotel in Coimbatore offers you a delightful abode for your every need. Whether it is leisure travel or business trip to our hotel in Coimbatore near Singanallur is here to assist you. Our fully furnished hotel comes in budget-friendly pricing options compared to the other hotels in Coimbatore near Trichy road.

As situated at the center of the city, Crystal Lake stay provides beautiful lake view rooms that bring delight to your eyes. Experience a sumptuous stay at one of the best hotels near Singanallur in Coimbatore and profit from the best deals and exclusive offers. Reserve now and have a stay in one of the best hotels in Coimbatore.

lake status apartments in coimbatore

Take in a glorious medley of panoramic landscape views, and let the soothing effects of nature’s wonders linger on, amidst our wide range of amenities and services to care for your daily recreational and business needs. Complement with seamless hospitality and the inculcation of a hygienic living experience, we offer a conducive and environmental-friendly home away from home for the most discerning traveler.

We offer Luxury accommodation in our hotels in Coimbatore

Luxury is not an option anymore. We offer various accommodation options at Crystal Lake hotels in Coimbatore near Singanallur. Our accommodation includes lake view rooms, Executive rooms, deluxe rooms (double and triple bedrooms), and suite rooms. Nothing in our accommodation facilities can be wrong. Our outstanding room service supports all rooms and is fitted with high-quality facilities. Now enjoy your luxury stay at our contemporary and stylish rooms in Crystal Lake stay. Our convenient location makes our hotel in Coimbatore near Trichy road the perfect choice for corporate guests with fast transit and comfort.

Aesthetical Dining halls 

Our hotel in Coimbatore near Singanallur also provides fine dining options through on-site restaurants. In our restaurants, we sell authentic world cuisines and an exclusive North / South Indian menu. Food connoisseurs rarely find such a rich experience as that offered at the Crystal Lake hotel in Coimbatore.

Conference and Event Halls

Crystal Lake stays accommodating with some of the beautiful banquet halls in Coimbatore. Being one of the best hotels in Coimbatore near Singanallur, Crystal Lake has been an exuberant host of conferences, parties, and corporate meetings in Coimbatore. Our hall is spacious and ideal for hosting small parties, events, conferences, birthday parties, cooperate events, etc. Hall is spaced with a max of 50 people.

Other Facilities in our Hotels in Coimbatore

We make your stay comfortable with our wifi enable rooms, television, 24 hours cold/hot water facility, well-maintained bathrooms, room services, and AC and non Ac rooms per your request. We also offer various ranges of the facility like 24×7 securities, taxi services to make your visit to Coimbatore become more enjoyable and memorable. Book your stay now at one of the best hotels in Coimbatore.

Find your Rooms that suits your needs

Our Crystal lake stay is a leading hotel in Coimbatore near Trichy road, Singanallur and provides well-equipped accommodation with excellent business facilities and special attention to all your needs. The broad yet pleasant atmosphere of the hotel is highlighted by the large stairways, Italian marble, and intricate interior work.

  1. Business Rooms

These rooms have king, queen and twin bed options, as well as modern amenities, as a regular room category of this hotel. Facilities such as free wifi, a DVD Player, toilet, tea and coffee making facilities, and an electronic safe make your stay comfortable and cozy.

  1. Executive Rooms

Executive rooms at our hotel in Coimbatore are well-appointed to enhance comfort with similar facilities as in superior rooms. These are aesthetically designed. These rooms are furnished with a king bed and free wifi * to optimize your experience in the house.

  1. Lake View Rooms

Our One Bedroom, Lake View apartment, provides luxury with views of Singanallur Lake for an enjoyable stay, a large living room, kitchenette fully equipped, and a stunning balcony overlooking the lake.

Benefits of Crystal Lake hotels in Coimbatore:

Easy Check-in and Check Out

Booking flights as per the check-in time of the hotel and rushing to leave the hotel before the check-out- We all have been there and we know how frustrating it is.

Now say goodbye to the timely check-in and check-out, you don’t have to alter your itinerary anymore. Crystal Lake Hotels in Coimbatore provides you with the complete freedom of check-in and check-out, round the clock as per your needs. Therefore you can take a break from your running timeline or even take an extra nap.

Never Miss Our Hotel Breakfast Anymore

What’s more bothering than wake up early to catch up the breakfast or waking up late and realize that you have missed the food. Now you don’t have to give up your sleep to catch up on the morning breakfast anymore. Crystal Lake stays hotels in Coimbatore provides no fixed time breakfast which means you can extend your snooze time and have peaceful sleep or take your time in capturing the beautiful scenic lake view. Whatever you do you don’t have fret about your food anymore our complimentary breakfast is at your table any time.

Experience the best Local Culinary offerings

 Delve into the exotic taste of the local cuisine prepared from fresh ingredients and authentic flavour from our hotels in Coimbatore. We get you closer to the local culture and essence in your stay. Prepared from best local chefs, our food not only fulfils your tummy but also your soul. Loaded with some of the tasty menus we will surely bring a treat to your taste buds.

Great Accessibility

Exploring the beauty of Coimbatore becomes much easier with Crystal Lake hotel in Coimbatore.  You don’t have to get a rent a car or taxi to explore the city or to reach the airport. Suited at the centre of the city accessing the airport, railway station or bus terminal is easier and also not to mention you can take advantages of the all local amenities.

Well-Furnished Rooms

Our hotel in Coimbatore is incorporated with all ranges of rooms includes 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, suit rooms, executive room and more. Since staying, comfort and luxury are three things comes first when to come to the hotel. Crystal Lake hotels got all three for you. Come and discover the wonder of our hotels in Coimbatore we offer elegant room equipped with fully furnished equipment. Whether you are visiting Coimbatore for a business trip, family outing, week out or staycation, the Crystal stay is the ideal hotel you can count on.

Comfortable Stay at your own convenience

Have you ever be in the situation that you want to extend your stay but you can’t, you have to find a new hotel to extend to your trip. You don’t have to worry anymore with you can book the hotel for a long or short time as per your needs.

If case you if you want to extend your stay due to any means you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We can provide your extended stay without any complaint.

Nourished with local culture

Because of the close links between local communities with our Crystal Lake Hotel in Coimbatore, you can enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the city itself. From heritage walks to guided city and village tours, the hotels offer delightful glimpses into the lives of the local people. What’s more? You even get to meet, interact and experience the local culture.

Spacious rooms and well-Maintained rooms

Living in a hotel would offer you ample of space and best hospitality. You can party and have fun with your friends. Abundant space is a plus to business travellers because they can relax and enjoy the room with comfort and security. When compared to another hotels Crystal lake offers you the best hotel rooms at a cheap price. Our hotel is suitable for those who want luxury while travelling for business or leisure in a convenient and spacious setting.

Book our rooms today at our best hotels in Coimbatore

Many of them have chosen the Crystal Lake Stay hotel in Coimbatore near airport, singanallur for both short-term and extended stays. Superbly furnished apartments for rent at the Crystal Lake Stay hotels in Coimbatore are professionally run, offering a unique living experience combining comfort, convenience, affordability, and an extremely convenient venue.

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